True Love or Crazy Love

Some must know that those two phrases is not the same. Well same meaning in a side of  “love too much”, but deeper than that it is absolutely not the same. We start from love first. Lets count how many times we try to define what love is also ask other visions about what love is.  And i bet there will be a thousand explanations of it. Thats normal i guess. For each of us, we must have a different point of view about it. Some may think that love is something unreasonable. Some say that love is just an expression of heart which cannot be translated into words. Even others tell me that love is everything for them. It is all depend on how you see it as a part of your life’s journey. Nobody is wrong when they fall in love with someone. Even if  its not right, the wrong one is not the person, it is the condition of those persons.

Love is called true when it is true. Not only in the heart, but also in brain, and reality aspects. A heart that has a strong and brave feeling to say”i will be by your side in your ups and down and protect all the love you have beside mine so that if i cant be there anymore you still have them around” (and not just say it, make it as an action too!).  A brain that always make you turn your consciousness back if your heart is over the limit. And a reality sides to see, whether you hurt your environment or not. Because we don’t just live for each other, we live in a social world that there still many subjects and objects we should consider about.

Crazy love? In my opinion that’s all about ego. Well we can call them as an egomaniac then (maybe)? LOL. I said like that because when they are being in love all the universe is just like a shit in their eyes. They don’t care what around say and ask them to do. They just walk in their line (in the line they think right, their own line). They never mind if other people is hurt and even the most pathetic side is they don’t realize that their (super extra giant big) love is just killing their lover too (their partner i mean).  It is all for their satisfaction, all about their happiness (to get what they want and what they want to b done). Yes! In this state they are absolutely being crazy or unconscious. No other explanation.

See now? True love is all about happiness of our lover and all around us too. Crazy love is just all about your happiness. Choose which love is yours. 🙂


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