Six and a Half

If we count it as a number, it is not a big deal. If we count it as hours, still not make any sense. Try to count it as a years day by day, you will see it as a looooong time to passed. Yes and now this day July 1st 2010, i have passed 6,5 years, 78 months, and about 2376 days, together with a strange boy. We share all our joy and pain everyday in our strange way too =).

Before i met him, i was a weak girl. Half depressed i guess, hahaha. He knew it, and still tried to be my pal. He changed every second of the emptiness in my life into happiness. He listened every shout and tears i made. He never complained about my condition that could not go outside having a date at a cafe like other lovers. He stayed beside me when all my friends went and left me. I wont be able to write all that he has done here. I just realized that before i met him i was nothing. Shortly, he loved me, and until now he still does.

Before he met me? I just going to guess it. =p Well, maybe before he met me he was a nerd boy (lol), who has never known what love is, what a date is like, what is it feel to kiss a girl (-__-“). Until now he often tells me that he wont be this handsome if his girlfriend is not me. Huaauahhahah! My head is blowing!

I think this time i know the meaning of our meeting 6,5 years ago. God wanted us to complete each other, fill every empty space with others space, and make each of us a better person in every single day. Just that simple. Like what Mr. BJ Habibie said, i hope that God created my bf  for me, and me for him.



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