a (almost) new year post

Never thought that new year will come this soon. Again my resolution for this year haven’t completed yet. Such a human, such a ‘myself”. Has anybody done the resolution for 2010? Or not done yet but already making a new one for the next year? Yap, me too! That’s what i’m going to do now (not on this post but next post, let say its an opening, hohoho). Making a new resolution, and bla bla bla notes for next year.

I love writing and seeing a beautiful vision (baca : menghayal). Not good huh? Never mind as long as it is beautiful, just like me (ups!). But before i make a new one, i want to take up  some points of  my dreams on 2010. If you curious about the details you can read one of my post Resolusi 2010 that i made almost 1 year ago (sok ngartis, =p). Some of it was ridiculous ( i tell you first before you make any disgusting expression on your face when you read it, hahaha), but i’m proud of my self. At least i made one step a head to plan something that i wanted and had to do this year, and some of it have realized. It’s okay if we cannot fulfill our plan and promise like a resolution, it is better than has nothing to plan at all right?

There were 7 points that i made last year. Point 1 about skripsi, i did it well. The process was long enough but quite fun. thank God i have so many nice friends brothers sisters that always be there to help me, a wonderful hearted angel boyfriend, also the best mom and dad. I even have graduated now. So grateful! 🙂 Point 2 about IPK, well no need to discuss it (malu, hehe), the most important thing is i graduated with a more than good mark! I did my best, i am excellent for my self my mom dad and my GOD. Point 3 is the sweetest dream, yap i guess im going to make it happen too by the end of this year. I wish i can celebrate it with him, anniversary is a special day right, so its a must!! Point 4 about iphone, yes i got it. Again i thank God for allowed me to be born from a mother like my mom who has a husband like my father (kiss for them :*). Point 5 also done successfully. I am now living in a great kos kosan near my ex kos kosan. I get my freedom here!! Free like a  bird!! (oke stop before lebaynitis attack comes). Point 6 almost completely done, well near almost, LOL. Yoga is one of my fav exercise beside swimming, but i dont know why until now i still couldn’t make it as my regular morning habbit. Lazy? Yap i think that one explain the cause simply right. My bad. The last points is about valentine. Too bad i couldn’t make that romantic dreams coming true. I was ill at that time, for about 1 month. Its oke deh, for me and giant boy everyday is a valentine day (excluding the day when we have a badmood session), isn’t it beb? (plis yang baca jgn muntah saking terharunya ya)

Sooooooo. I reached more than 50% of my dreams. Yay! Congratulation! 2010 is a fortunate year for me. What about you?? It’s not a “dark”  thing  to flash it back, make it as an introspection for our self. From that we can learn the weakness that caused us fail, and gaining a new strength to make a new move (widiiiiiihh bahasa gue mak!). Also the most important one, to be grateful for everything that we got, planed and unplanned.

Lastly, happy almost new year guys! Be new be fresh be better. Be ready for 2011!!


PS : 1) Coming up my new resolution 2011, yippiee! ; 2) I love you giant boy, thank you for standing still until now, right beside me. *kiss


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