Dear blog…

I know you must be very bored if i start this post with a cliche sentences such as “i haven’t written any post since a long long time” or “long time no see” or “i’m kinda busy to keep in touch with you”. So i just wanna say hello.:)

Dear blog…

So many things happened since the last time i wrote to you. And during those time i was really not in a mood in making all of it to be a story to share. New years has passed and i even didn’t have a mood to write any resolution for 2012. Yes i know, there was something wrong with me. Something i didn’t know either. I miss you blog. I really do.

I will make a short resume for some important and interesting event for this couple moths. Well let start with my new life as a young doctor at hospital. As you know at about next two year i’m going to be a doctor. A person that has an ability to give a medicine for sick people so they will feel better aor maybe not sick anymore (i don’t really like using “to cure a sick people” because its is the power of God). And to become a doctor i have to do a practice at hospital for Β one and a half year and an internship at a smaller hospital (it is so hard to imagine when it comes to the time) for one year. Of course all of it after i got my bachelor degree a year ago . Now i am in a first year of my practice at hospital. I have to do many night shifts and everyday morning shifts. So tiring. It is absolutely one of the hardest part of my life. I sometimes cried and had a mood disorder to face all of the problems there (maybe it is one of the reason why i didn’t have any mood to do some writing activity here. Ha!). I love sleeping and i love it more since i entered the hospital. Sleeping is like an obsession to me (until now, haha). But despite all of those depression moment i got, i know it is a part of my life that has to be happened and the more i enjoyed it the easier it seems to be. Thanks to my boyfriend and my parents that always supporting me until now. And blog… wish me luck for the next 2,5 years ahead, πŸ™‚

Dear blog…

My boyfriend finally got a job. A good enough job to make my parents give their bless for us. We were really happy at the time he told me that news (well, not really happy because there was a big enough fight came after that, haha just to remember those silly things). We once had a dinner with my family. I’m so proud of him. Now he lives in Jakarta to work there. He loves his job. But since that he becomes so busy. He goes to work at morning and backs home at night. We only have time to make a call less that 1 hour because he get sleepy so fast. But anyway this was our wish when we prayed to God everyday before he got the job, and God made it happen. So all we can do now and then is accept it gratefully.

I had my 8th anniversary with my boyfriend at 1st January 2012. We didn’t celebrate it together. He even slept at the turn of the the year. I didn’t make any poem either, didn’t buy a cake, didn’t make a card. Well actually i didn’t do anything special on our anniversary this time. It’s just one simple day with one short sms i sent to him, said “happy anniversary baby, i love you”. πŸ™‚

Dear blog…

This new year i didn’t make any resolution. I thought my only target for this year to be as happy as i can in doing everything everyday. I don’t wanna waste any time for being not happy anymore. If someone angry at me, i will watch a movie to make all their anger away from my mind. If someone do something annoying i will watch movie again (or maybe go find you and make some good stories). I promise this year i will make more stories than last year.

And dear blog…

Happy late new year. Happy to see you again. Lets be happy!! πŸ™‚



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